Concern Alert Line

  • The Carthage R-9 School District is pleased to announce the activation of a Concern ALert Line (CALL). This phone line is designed to allow individuals to share sensitive information, anonymously. The types of calls we might expect would include concerns that a person might have about the welfare of one or more people. If someone were suspected of possessing a weapon, dealing drugs, or possibly harming another person or oneself, we would want to be notified. To share this kind of information call 417-359-7010. When this line is answered, press 6. After the greeting, wait for the tone, then record your message. Hang up when finished.

    1. Call 417-359-7010
    2. Press 6
    3. Hear greeting, tone, then record message
    4. Hang up

    This line is now in service. We want to know of concerns and respond. The messages left will be checked daily.

    This CALL service is not intended to replace the processing of other concerns through normal channels. We want individual concerns about schoolwork or decisions made at the building level to go to those staff members. We desire to resolve these matters at the earliest opportunity with those persons directly impacted.

    If you want more information about this program, call Gregg Wolf, Assistant Superintendent for Business at 417-359-7001.