Inclement Weather Policy

  • Decisions regarding the cancellation of school can be challenging but must be made with the safety of our children and employees being of paramount importance. The decision to cancel school due to inclement weather will be announced as soon as possible. Although sometimes impossible, our goal is to announce the cancellation before the 10:00 pm news the previous night. If that is not feasible, we strive to announce the cancellation as early as 5:30 am, but no later than 6:30 am the day of the weather event. Cancellation notifications will occur in the following ways:

    • District phone call
    • Inclement weather message – 417-359-7010 (Option 5)
    • Local radio stations
    • Local television stations
    • District website (although this might be delayed)
    • District social media pages - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - @CarthageR9SD (although this might be delayed)

    The same process and notification will occur if school is released early due to inclement weather. 

    Thank you in advance for your patience as we address the changing road conditions caused by inclement weather this winter. Please remember we will always put the safety of our children first when making the cancellation decision.

    The first 6 inclement weather days will be AMI (Alternative Method of Instruction) Days. 

    • AMI Days count as an academic day and students are expected to complete AMI work as assigned by their teachers. 
    • AMI work may include paper packets that were sent home earlier in the year or virtual assignments.
    • AMI work must be turned in when students return to school and will be graded regularly.
    • AMI days do not lengthen the calendar for our academic year.  State law says we are allowed to use 6 AMI days per academic year. 

    What does an AMI Day look like? Check out the videos below  👇