• a Student must take the English 2 End of Course Exam.

    b Student must earn 1 credit in U.S. Government and 1 credit in U.S. History.  Students must also take the U.S. Government End of Course Exam as well as pass the Missouri and U.S. Constitution/Civics tests.

    c Students taking 8th-grade Algebra 1 must take an additional 3 math credits in high school (9-12). Algebra 1 taken during the eighth grade will be computed into a student’s high school cumulative grade point average. Pre-Algebra and Elements of Geometry do not count toward honors or NCAA eligibility. Students must take the Algebra 1 End of Course Exam.

    d Student must take the Biology End of Course Exam.

    1 Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. Algebra 1 taken during eighth grade also counts toward honor requirements and will be computed into a student’s cumulative grade point average. Students taking 8th-grade Algebra 1 must take an additional 3 math credits in high school.

    2 One full credit of higher-level math: College Algebra (.5), Math Analysis and Trigonometry (1.0), A.P. Calculus (1.0), College Prep Math (1.0), or ACT Math (.5)

    3 Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, or any higher-level science class.  Environmental Science does not count towards honors.

    4 One credit of higher-level science: A.P. Biology, A.P. Chemistry, AP/DC Physics 1, AP Physics 2, Survey of Physical Science (DC), or Anatomy and Physiology.

    5 Both credits must be in the same foreign language.

    6 Both credits must be in the same foreign language, with no choice for substituting additional math and science for the second year. A third year in the same foreign language may replace the one additional credit in math or science.