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  • House System 

         This school year our entire school will use a "House System."  A House System has shown to have a positive impact on the educational experience.  Children have noted such things as how it has helped them to form friendships and create closer bonds with their peers.  We are looking forward to watching each student earn points for good behavior, effort, character, performance and school spirit.  We love to cheer each other on and the House System helps everyone become part of a team.  It takes everyone to make the team successful.

    Here are some positive highlights from using the house system: 

         1.  Throughout the year, each student's personal accomplishments are rewarded with points that collectively count toward his or her own point total for the year,  but also for his/her House.  This gives students an opportunity to be recognized and thanked by their peers daily for their individual contributions to the overall team.     

         2.  The House System builds character with a reward system that goes beyond something like earning a piece of candy for doing something good.  Instead, each    student's achievements add to a collective group effort.  We have seen this change the way that a student perceives points over time. 

         3.  The House System promotes a sense of healthy competition.  This encourages students to learn how to be team players, contribute their efforts toward a group, and learn that those who work hard and stick with it are often the ones rewarded.  Through this, students can learn that the most important part of it all is their own dedication and participation.

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