Dress Code

  • District Policy 2651 - Appropriate Dress & Personal Appearance

    All aspects of dress and personal appearance are extremely important in developing the best atmosphere for educational attainment. With this in mind, students will be encouraged, at all times, to be aware of their personal appearance and to dress according to generally accepted customs of the local community. Any attire or manner of grooming which does not create a distraction in the educational process or does not allow immodest exposure is the key to appropriate dress. The keynote to dress at anytime, for any occasion, is good taste.

    The following are specific examples of articles that will not be permitted

    1. Clothes that advertise or display any type of alcohol, weapons, drugs, tobacco, nudity, improper language, or double-meaning slogans.
    2. Mesh, lace or any form of see-through clothing including fishnet hosiery on arms or legs.
    3. Clothes that have a low cut or revealing neckline, or that expose the midriff or backside.
    4. Tank tops or other sleeveless tops or shirts with excessively large openings (All clothes must have sleeves or a 3” minimum shoulder strap width.) Sleeve openings must conceal the torso.
    5. Exposed undergarments.
    6. The waistband must be worn at the hips or above even if covered by an untucked shirt. Excessively baggy clothing must be worn with a belt or suspenders in order to comply with this standard.
    7. No holes above the knee.
    8. Hats or other head coverings, including sunglasses, worn inside the building. Hats must be kept in hall lockers during the day. Hats are to be removed once a student has entered the building.
    9. Bare feet (health and safety regulations require that all students wear shoes).
    10. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be at least knee-length when the student is observed in a standing position.
    11. When wearing leggings, the top, shirt or dress being worn with the leggings must be knee length.
    12. No heavy or loose chains or straps that may create a safety risk.
    13. Any apparel, jewelry, accessory, notebook, or manner of grooming which by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark, or any other attribute denotes membership in such a group which encourages drug use, violence, or which exhibits behaviors that interfere with the normal and orderly operation of the school. Symbols, whether permanent or temporary, including but not limited to weapons, anarchy symbols, or other “gang” symbols are not acceptable. Long raincoats or trench coats, large handkerchiefs or bandanas as head coverings or adornments are examples of clothing that are not acceptable.
    14. Pajama pants and house shoes are not acceptable for school.
    15. Pants or shorts that have letters or words across the posterior are not acceptable for school.

    Any approved school-issued uniform that is worn as prescribed will be deemed in compliance with the dress code. Decisions concerning questionable dress will be made by the faculty administration. These decisions are final. In cases where the dress code is violated, the student will be required to modify their dress to comply with the dress code for the remainder of the day and possibly receive a disciplinary consequence as per the Disciplinary Matrix.

    Non-Sanctioned Groups (Reference: District Policy 2653)

    The presence on school premises, in school vehicles, or at school activities of any apparel, jewelry, accessory, symbol, graffiti, gesture, or manner of grooming which, by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark, or other attribute denotes membership in such a group which advocates drug use, violence, or exhibits behaviors that interfere with the normal and orderly operation of the school, is prohibited.