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  • District Website

    Covering all aspects of the educational process, the district website is an excellent source of information for students, parents, teachers, and other interested Carthage R-9 patrons. Everything from student, parent, staff and community resources are covered on its pages. Our website has multiple options to get connected with Carthage Schools. Find them all at

    Social Media

    Follow the district's Facebook page where we share important information and celebrations with our students, parents, staff and community. To eliminate the possibility of Facebook becoming a platform for debate, all comments are removed at the earliest opportunity.

    Bright Futures

    Bright Futures connects community resources with our Carthage students who may need food, proper clothing, eye care, beds, coats, clothes, or positive role models in their lives. The goal is to create partnerships between the school district, businesses, faith-based community, and human services agencies that will work together to respond to student needs. Our mission is to make certain every child has everything they need to be successful in school and in life because we believe better students makes a better community. We believe Carthage is the best place in the world to raise a family and get a great education.

    A Back-to-School Bash will be held at the Carthage YMCA on Thursday, August 12, 2021, from 3-6:00 pm with free t-shirts to the first 250 kids, haircuts, games, giveaways, and information for parents!

    Check out Carthage Bright Futures on Facebook (@brightfuturescarthage) for more ways to get involved, or contact Bright Futures by calling 417-758-0899.

    Parents As Teachers (PAT)

    PAT provides developmental information and visits with a parent educator to ensure you are your child’s first and best teacher. Through developmental screenings, PAT ensures that your child is on track and ready for school. PAT administers all screenings and referrals for Early Childhood Special Education, Preschool, Speech Therapy, and Carthage Headstart. PAT offers parent education, group meetings, game days, developmental screening, hearing and vision screening, teen parenting meetings, and a large resources and referral network. All services are FREE and available to all parents and guardians with children from birth to kindergarten age. Visit the Early Childhood Center at 625 E Fairview, or by calling 417-359-7012.

    Adult & Community Education/HSE

    The Carthage Technical Center offers a wide variety of adult education classes during the fall, winter, and spring sessions. Informational booklets with class descriptions are available at the North Technical Center. Information about the High School Equivalence or HSE program is also available at the North Technical Center. Students must be at least 16 years of age to enroll. Call 417-359-7095 for more information on any of these programs.

    Blackboard Connect Notification Service

    Carthage R-9 School District uses Blackboard Connect Notification Service to help keep parents informed. This system allows the district and individual schools to contact parents via automated phone calls and text messages. Messages may include important announcements regarding school events, inclement weather, and emergency situations.

    Concern Alert Line (417-359-7010)

    The district maintains a phone line which allows individuals to share sensitive information anonymously. If you have concerns about the welfare of someone or suspect anyone of possessing a weapon, dealing drugs, or possibly harming themselves or others, please notify us. To share this kind of information:

    1. Call 417-359-7010
    2. After the line is answered, press 6
    3. After the greeting and tone, record your message