Mandatory Trainings

  • Each year, all Carthage R-9 School District employees must complete several mandatory trainings. By law, these trainings should be completed by the beginning of school. You may begin your trainings starting July 1 if you wish to complete them on your own time, or you may use time set aside on the three days prior to the beginning of school.

    If you are not scheduled to work during the 3 prep days before school starts, you may complete a timesheet for your efforts (please email Melissa Doubet at for the timesheet), and you will be paid $20. Only those not scheduled to work those days are eligible for payment.

    Please use the link at the bottom of this page to take the required trainings. Staff will log in with the first part of their email address (before the @ sign); substitutes will log in with first and last name, all lowercase, no spaces. You will not need a password. If you have trouble, call or email Melissa Doubet.

    Trainings do not have to be completed in one sitting; they are broken into sections, and you can pick up where you left off on your next log-in. All together they should take less than two hours.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.